Satellite Internet

Your #1 Choice For Satellite Internet

In partnership with MorClick which offers cutting–edge broadband satellite services in South Africa that delivers high-speed internet connectivity for businesses and homes – instantly connecting you to the internet via a small satellite dish and modem even in the remotest of places in South Africa.
Get Uncapped, Unshaped, Unbelievable internet, up to 20 Mbps, anywhere in South Africa – within 7 days!
Ideal for small towns and farms where there is no fiber, slow internet, and poor cellular signal.

Why Choose Satellite Internet


Up to 20mbps

Products in varying speeds

Uninterrupted Internet Access – Unlimited or Capped

Free Standard Installation

Support multiple user sessions

Unlimited data

What makes us different?

We deliver reliable, high-speed internet connectivity to businesses and homes – partnering with your community to instantly connect you to the internet via a small satellite dish and modem – from even the remotest of places in South Africa.

Everyone deserves to be connected at this time. That’s why we’re offering FREE* installation & FREE equipment on all our unlimited data satellite internet packages while stocks last.

Stay Safe and Sane with Superior Satellite Connection. Wherever you are!


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